Issue 24 – The Humanity of Christ

Christ came clothed in humanity and suffered by baring our sins so that we could be healed from the penalty of sin. And by His life He also gives us power to “live unto righteousness”—forever free from sin. In this issue we explore some of the realities of Christ’s humanity, what it really means for us.

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The Son of Man

What is in a name? Why out of all of the words that God has used to describe Himself, did He choose to be referred to as the Son of Man? For us, the word “son” can denote the submission to an authority. “Man,” on the other hand, expresses being a part of the human race, or rather, being a member of mankind. So why did God take on a title so human to describe Himself

Holiday Lentil Loaf

A delicious meat-less dish complete with cranberry glaze, just in time for the holidays!

Happily Ever After

When I think of God’s humanity, I am brought back to the moment described in John 14, verses 1 to 4. In that moment where God tells His disciples that their hearts must not be troubled by His upcoming departure, I always feel like I can hear the words being said to me out loud…

The Mystery of Godliness

The work of Christ is not and has never been to judge or condemn men but to save men. Therefore, the work of every Christian is not and has never been to judge or condemn men but to save men through and by Jesus Christ…

Reflections from the Bridegroom’s heart

Therefore, marriage, in the original design, was to be a beautiful reflection of the character of God. However, is not a reflection but a mere mirage of the perfect figure? In order to learn to express the image of God in our roles we must learn the role of God towards the church and the church to God…

Issue 24 – The Humanity of Christ


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