“The Bible itself has one storyline, depicted in a number of different ways…”


“..the Lord confirms the intimacy He has with His children on earththe trust He hopes He has built through the time spent with them.”


Happily Ever After

by: Nadia Agnant

When I think of God’s humanity, I am brought back to the moment described in John 14, verses 1 to 4. In that moment where God tells His disciples that their hearts must not be troubled by His upcoming departure, I always feel like I can hear the words being said to me out loud. I can only imagine how heartbroken the disciples were after hearing that their Master was going to leave them. After all, they had given up everything to follow Him. “Their Master and their Lord, their beloved Teacher and Friend, He was dearer to them than life.” Our Lord was also saddened; however, He kept the great object of His mission before His eyes, and He remained focused.

The Bible itself has one story line, depicted in a number of different ways, from Genesis to Revelation. The story of how the Lord wants us by His side, eternally. He wants us in a world without pain, without sorrow, without death. In these few verses, He reaffirms that burning desire.

However, the words which express the Lord’s feelings to me are found at the end of verse 2 where He says: “In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.” In those words, the Lord confirms the intimacy He has with His children on earththe trust He hopes He has built through the time spent with them. He says “I would have told you” and it is easy to see that the disciples know that indeed, were it otherwise, their friend and leader would have said otherwise. In those words, He speaks as an old friend, someone who assumes that the trust between Him and the people He is speaking to has been established. His words say “you know I wouldn’t lie to you.” The same words echo that He has demonstrated enough love and loyalty for us to trust Him and be loyal to Him and His words in return.

That lets us see what kind of relationship God wants with us. He wants us to have unwavering trust in Him. He wants us to believe that everything He does, requires and allows is to fulfill the same goal: uniting us with Him to live happily ever after. His coming to this earth and submitting Himself to all of life’s temptation was for Him to become our Goel, our next of kin, who can pay our debt and reinstate us to our prior condition. But also, it was to let us know that He truly understands us when we pray to him and when we ask for His help. He means it when He says that He is with us every day; He Himself has felt the pressure from sin’s burden on Gethsemane and has desired for His closest friends to be there through it.(3) His humanity is our assurance that He will never forsake us or grow weary of us because He knows what we are going through and He knows “what we are made of.”(4) It is our assurance that He will remain merciful to those who desire to do His will but are growing in the process.

Christ’s humanity is my assurance that my desire to let His will be done in my life is the key to being united with Him once again. In these times of trouble, that assurance is what keeps us from being discouraged and giving up on our quest to sanctification. Because once we know that our goal and the Lord’s goal are the same, it suddenly seems doable, it now becomes a possibility. If our Lord is with us, what could stand against us? Regardless of how hard things can be now on Earth, we must remember that the Lord became one of us so we could all be together—perfectly reflecting His lovely image by His strength—and live happily ever after.



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