lily [lil-ee] noun, plural lilies.
one who displays the virtues of modesty, purity and true reserve; a person who strives after godliness (god-likeness)

city [sit-ee] noun, plural cities.
any unfavorable environment to healthy growth and development (e.g.: an abusive, neglectful, oppressive or overstimulating home environment etc.) 










A magazine sharing how to maintain purity in any unfavorable environment.




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The Son of Man

What is in a name? Why out of all of the words that God has used to describe Himself, did He choose to be referred to as the Son of Man? For us, the word “son” can denote the submission to an authority. “Man,” on the other hand, expresses being a part of the human race, or rather, being a member of mankind. So why did God take on a title so human to describe Himself

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Good, Better, Best

Many of life’s choices fall within these three buckets. It’s not that “good” or “better” is bad, but nothing beats the “best”. The “best” is defined by God’s ideal, and I always try to shoot for this although I’m not always successful. Yet, many in life sadly, settle for the “good”. A number of years ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of a…

A Declaration of Dependence

At a quick inattentive glance, the principles of God’s law (Exodus 20:1-11) may seem of little consequence. But they are much deeper and broader than the letter. The law of God does much more than just separate, it protects, lightens our burdens and eases our experience. In this issue, we explore how you can incorporate it in your life.

When Self Hinders Your Marriage’s Growth

Family is most often than not the closest possible tie you have with another. Whether your family is one you’ve chosen, people you’ve been given or souls who you share the same blood with. Every association in life is a means of revealing Christ to us. Through these ties, we see more of His character. Our interactions with each other…